Saturday, September 4, 2010

Other People's Beads

Every once in a while someone comes to me and asks if I can make them a piece of jewelry using beads from some of their old jewelry or something. I find it a pretty interesting challenge to work around certain beads. Here's a necklace I made made using someone else's beads. (the nugget beads are theirs)

I hope you found this interesting :)


  1. Pretty! I always love that type of challenge too!

  2. I get asked to do that by customers at times -- they tell me to "Lori it up" which makes me a little nervous because I'm never quite sure what they mean by that!

  3. lol that's cute "Lori it up". I would be happy with anything you made I'm a huge fan of your jewelry. :)

    Happy beading,


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