Monday, October 4, 2010

Maggie Monday

Can you believe I almost forgot to do a "Maggie Monday"! Ok let's see what happened this last week with Maggie? She's been doing this really cute thing like when I take her to the bathroom after she does her business she jumps like a foot away from that spot then wipes her feet like a kitty cat lol. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen ^_^. In the mornings when I take her out after she's been sleeping she stretches out her front legs, and sticks her booty in the air lol ^_^. So adorable! I always thought that when I got a puppy I would dress it up in cute clothes, but if you put clothes on Maggie she just stands there all defiant and grouchy, and will not move until you take the clothes off of her lol. I really don't blame her though because she doesn't look so cute in clothes since it smooches down all of her hair. I could go on forever about Maggie, but then I wouldn't have anything to share for future Maggie Monday's.

Untill Next Week
Be kind to animals,
Jessica and Maggie


  1. She's adorable! Pets bring so much enjoyment to our lives, don't they?

    I wrote a long comment on last week's subject and when I tried to post it there was an error and it all disappeared! Hope this one works!

  2. They really really do ^_^

    Well that stinks lol, thank goodness this one worked ^_^

    Happy Beading,


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