Friday, July 29, 2011

Ciao, tutti

Learning a new language is not so easy haha. I'm "trying" to learn Italian but it's like taking a leap forward only to stumble a few feet back. In the process I have come across some Italian beaders on YouTube though, and let me tell you they know what they are doing, that's for sure. I may only be able to understand every third or forth word of what their saying, but that's ok since I don't have to know what their saying to appreciate their creations (or creazioni as they would say :). I'll put a list of their links below so you can go watch their videos too even if you can't understand a word their saying it's still worth going to see their creazioni :)

Sara : Sarubbest  Her English Channel : BeadsFriends

Margherita : 75marghe75

Alessia : alessialux

Name unknown : Alkymnia

Cinzia : CinziaFonticelli

Name Unknown : cr3stina 

Sara : cricetaccia

Elisabetta : DAFNKE

Magia : Fabiolina20

Giulia : MissGiuliaa 

Monica : MoAndFantasy

Markella : raffalagiraffabijoux

Valentina : VALENTINAoOo

And I also one english speaking beader :)

Teresa : tsummerlee 

If you know of anyone else please let me know. Also if you go watch any of them let me know what you think of their creazioni :)

Happy Watching,

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