Thursday, April 12, 2012


Chihuahua by Cat Gabriel
Chihuahua, a photo by Cat Gabriel on Flickr.
A few days ago I was contacted through Flickr about a photo I took of my sisters chihuahua Daisy. This picture to be exact.

Cat the lady who contacted me asked if she could use my photo as a basis for one of her drawings. I of course agreed because my sister (Daisy's owner) is also a drawer, and I thought seeing Cat's drawing of Daisy would inspire her to continue drawing. Also I'm just all for anyone doing anything creative and artsy :). So anyways she just contacted me to say the she has finished the drawing, and it is outstanding really I love it!


  1. Saw your comment on the drawing at Cat's Flickr site and popped over to see them side by side.... even more amazing isn't it?
    I think she captured little Daisy' sweet face so well.... it's almost a demure look really .... and, who knows if that is her personality...but, even in the looks that to me...

    hope it encourages your sis to draw some more..... I, too, love it when folks do artsy stuff .... wish my sister would find the time to a kid she drew on a busy adult...not at all. Sad really. Because she can draw....

  2. the drawing is absolutely amazing! I couldn't take my eyes off it!


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