Saturday, July 3, 2010


Ok so on a completely unbead related topic, who is a farmville junkie? I know at least one of you is lol.
I use to be really addicted to it, but I had gotten over it until.......... they came out with the iPhone/iPod touch version now it's like I'm always on it >_< Do any of you have that issue? Don't get me wrong I'm not like the people they show on the news lol. The above picture is my favorite corner of my farm ^_^ Let me know what you think ^_^


  1. Yeah...I'm pretty hooked on Farmville too. I won't download it to my iPhone because I do not NEED to be rearranging my farm for the 100th time at work. I broke down and spent real money so that I could get the Tuscan barn and shed.

    That is a gorgeous farm, by the way. Is that the Swiss cottage?

  2. Thank you ^_^ it's a Swiss Chalet one of the only thing farmville has that doesn't require fv dolars lol. I really like the iphone version mostly because of the new item that you can only purchase of the iphone/ipod touch like the rainbow apple trees ^_^ Plus it's free to download.


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