Saturday, July 17, 2010

La Bella Joya

I think I have a problem lol. An etsy buying problem that is. Ok so the last purchase I made was from the lovely seller La Bella Joya. I know what your thinking "wait doesn't she sell jewelry?" well yes she does "don't you make your own jewelry?" well.... yes, but that's ok because I'm not very good with seed beads so it's ok to buy that gorgeous necklace, yeah..... (that's was the conversation I had with my self on whether it was ok to buy from another jewelry designer lol.) Ok on to the good stuff.

  I love how she includes a little note about how to care for the necklace, but writes it like the necklace is talking to you lol. So cute right? Oh, and she's a blogger too go take a look.


  1. I buy a LOT of "other people's jewelry", so you're in good company! Everyone has a different voice, a different way of putting things together, you know?

  2. Yeah, your right. I love to see how different peoples personalities come through in thier jewelry. Especially when they are given the same beads, and they both come up with completely different peices.

    Happy Beading,
    Jessica ^_^


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