Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bead Batch #2

 Here they are my second batch of lampwork beads ^_^
A Cute Lil Tea Pot
I could not get a good picture of this one
A light blue base sort of encased in a transparent purple

A clear bead with some streaks of baby blue
A Lil green bead with a purple stripe
And a very strange egg shaped yucky bead
Hope you enjoyed seeing my beads! ^_^


  1. Good job!

    I really, really wanted to torch today but my torch needs to be sent in to be cleaned since glass flew into it. Bah.

  2. Thanks ^_^
    :( I hope your torch feels better soon. I only have two days a week that I can torch so I hope nothing happens to my torch :(

    Happy Beading ^_^


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