Friday, June 11, 2010

My first etsy purchase

Today my first etsy purchase came in the mail! I ordered from Beaders Boutique. I love my beads I got. They had very fast shipping, and very nice customer service also. Take a look at the goodies I got ^_^
mmmmmmm Yummy right? The big stones are Moukaite Jasper. The next strand is Oregon picture jasper. And the last strand is Tigers Eye. I've already used the moukaite (I'll post pictures of what I made in the next post) I also made another order with another shop on etsy the same day, but I haven't received it yet it has been shipped so I should be getting it very soon. So keep your eyes pealed for that. I'm trying really hard to expand my bead stash, but everytime I get things I use them up lol. So I have a "plan" everytime I get new beads I'm going to put a portion of them away so I can't use them, and eventually I'll have a ton of great beads ^_^ maybe even as many as this lady lol. One can always dream lol.

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