Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Simple Pearl Necklace

I got pictures of one of the necklaces I made with my haul beads. ^_^ It's just a simple pearl choker. With a 2 inch extender chain. It has six stardust roundels to put some sparkle into the necklace.

I hope you like it. Do you think these pictures are any better than normal? I thought my problem was my camera so I got a new one, no better. So then I thought maybe it's because I take my pictures inside so I took them outside, and I'm still not sure if it made a difference >_<. Let me know what you think.
Thanks everybody ^_^


  1. I find I get the best results on a cloudy day or in the total shade if it's sunny out. Something about the sunlight makes it too stark and harsh. And I never get good results when I use a flash! Nice necklace - what a great idea to add the bling!

  2. Thanks for the tips ^_^ I never get good results with flash either, but I had never thought about taking the pictures in the shade. I'll have to give that a try. Thanks again ^_^


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