Thursday, April 1, 2010

Warning: Very Random Post Ahead!

If you were wondering I did make this bracelet in the same way as the one in this tutorial ^_^
Okay so really this post has nothing to do with the bracelet I just didn't want to have another picture less post because let's face it no pictures = very boring ^_^ Okay so on to the point :) I've really been obsessing over lampwork bead making lately. I'm  really considering looking into classes because I really need to see if I'm even going to like it before I go and invest so much money into getting started. Lampworking is really not a cheap hobby especially if you get all of the equipment then decided you don't even like it. Classes aren't cheap either but a lot cheaper than blindly going out and spending money on things you might not even need. As I see it making beads should go right along with making jewelry ^_^ (oh and by the way I have tried polymer clay bead making really not my thing. I really only tried it to see if it would stop me from wanting to make lampwork beads so badly, but I really failed at it) I mean why buy so many beads when anybody is totally capable of making them for themselves. Don't get me wrong I'll still buy beads (who could resist) but it would be nice to use a couple beads that I've made myself in along with them ^_^

Any thoughts or comment would be helpful ^__^
(I hope I can find classes soon I'm really excited to get started :)

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