Saturday, May 15, 2010


I never really liked this necklace UNTIL I put on my grandma lol. It looks really yucky just laying on a table or something, but once you put it on it looks great especially in the sun. The color really pops on her skin tone. She jokes that since all my jewelry looks good on her I should give it all to her ^_^ lol. I actually do give her quite a bit of the jewelry I make lol. I hope you like it ^_^

(Click on the pictures to make them bigger) Hope you like it. Make sure to comment and tell me what you think! Enjoy ^_^


  1. Orange, for me, is such a hard color to design with. I think this came out wonderfully and it really does look great on your grandma!

  2. Awwww thank you ^_^ For me red is a really hard color to work with. Orange is a little better, but I don't work with it that often. Actually I think this is the only necklace I've made with all orange. Maybe I should try using it more often. ^_^


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