Monday, May 17, 2010

Lampwork update

I almost forgot to tell you my lampwork kit was ordered today! Thank you so much Nell! I really appreciate all your help. None of this would be possible without your guidance. I'm so excited! Once I get my kit, and  everything I think I'll be setting up a new blog about my lampwork journey! (I'm not sure yet) Would any of you be interested in following it? I'm not sure how far lampworking will take me, but I'm prepared for the ride ^_^ I'm sure it will take me awhile after I get my kit to know if lampworking is the next step in my career or not, but I really hope it is. I really enjoyed my lesson, but I'm sure it will be very different once I start making beads all by myself. If I do like it and everything goes well I'll have to start saving for a kiln, and try to find a permanent place to make my studio. (I love the sound of that MY studio! eeeee! It makes me so happy!) So no matter what happens I can assure you it will be quite along journey, and I hope you will be there with me. Just think "if" I do start making beads I'll be have contests (and giveaways) for you to win some of my beads! Are you excited now?! I know I am ^_^


  1. Go for it girl! I would love to follow your journey into lampworking.

    I really would like to get into the silverclay world. Sigh. Not enough hours in the day or $$ in the bank !

  2. I think I'm going to. Thank you so much ^_^

    Yeah that's also one one of the problems with lampworking the $$$ lol. I'm going to have to save every penny if I'm ever going to afford a kiln lol.

  3. Enjoy your journey! I'm anxious to see your beads!

  4. Get ready for a serious addiction, Jessica! You'll love it! Those first beads are so exciting and then you move on to making more and more and more! LOL! Looking forward to seeing what comes off your new torch!


  5. Lol, I've been warned of that. :) Right now I'm still "paitently" waiting for my kit to come. lol ok well maybe not so paitently waiting. I can't wait to get started! Thanks for commenting (and following. ^_^


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