Monday, May 24, 2010

Sorry and an Update

I'm so sorry I haven't posted anything in the last couple days :( I really wanted my next post to be pictures of the beads I've made so far, but I just haven't gotten to take there pictures yet. I know I know how shameful is that?! Right?! Well anyways I guess this post will just be an update of my lampwork experiences so far. Well first of all I'm having a really tuff time with bead release lol. I've been trying to just flame dry it, but that leads to major cracking. Cracking isn't the worst part though, because when it cracks it also FLIES! eeeekkk can you imagine lol. A piece even when down my shirt! OUCH! I guess I'm just going to have to stop being so impatient, and just let it air dry :( If I could get the bead release to stay on the mandrel making a bead would be a whole lot easier lol :). Ok well I've bored you enough for now lol. Hopefully my next post will be actual pictures of beads :) Until next time Happy Beading! :)

Jessica :)


  1. What brand of bead release are you using? I swear by Foster Fire - love the stuff!

    Laura :o)

  2. Right now I'm using a brand called pink slipper. That's what came in my kit. Once I run out of that I was going to switch to Foster Fire. That's the brand I was told to get by my lampwork teacher/freind. But since I got the other in my kit I was trying that one. But very soon I will be switching over lol. Thanks ^_^


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